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MMD OC - Hazel 2.1 (DL Available) by Springs-and-things MMD OC - Hazel 2.1 (DL Available) :iconsprings-and-things:Springs-and-things 10 2 Under the Star Strewn Heavens by Springs-and-things Under the Star Strewn Heavens :iconsprings-and-things:Springs-and-things 44 8
My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 25
You would think doing college schoolwork would be impossible for Hazel when she couldn't see, but with her good buddy Alphys helping her by installing a speech to text program on her laptop, she managed to get through most of it. She was caught up with most of her work from the previous week by Wednesday.
She was managing making her way around the house rather well too. By counting her steps, and using her sense of touch, she could find her way to just about anywhere in the house. Papyrus was rather surprised to find her rifling through the kitchen when he got back from his morning run the first time.
"HUMAN HAZEL? WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE?" he had said as walked into kitchen Monday morning.
"Morning Pap! I was just trying to find out my way around the kitchen for a cup of coffee."
"Well… yeah. But I was careful though." She said as she opened a cabinet to feel around for the coffee beans and creamer.
He gently grasped her by the sho
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 24
Hazel didn't need to see to know Sans was anything but his usual jolly self when he sat on the edge of her bed.
"So… Frisk says your seeing visions of a being who called himself 'Gaster'. Care to tell me about it?"
Swallowing, Hazel suddenly felt nervous. What if they thought she was insane? They would call somebody, and she'd have to see a doctor who would admit her into a mental hospital… Where she might stay…
As if sensing the reason for her hesitation, Sans rested a hand on her lap.
"Don't worry, you aren't crazy. He's real."
"You've seen him too?" she asked.
She heard him sigh, and felt him take his hand back.
"… I have… But why don't you tell me more about your experiences with him first."
"… I've been seeing him since the morning of the day when I got… these…" she said, gesturing to her injuries.
"I see…"
"… I keep having the feeling of being watched, which I now know is him. He does it almost all the time, except for w
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 23
In a room decorated much like the one he had back underground, Papyrus paced back and forth, muttering as quietly as possible - which still sounded like average talking - about what just happened ten minutes ago.
He kissed Hazel! It was an accident, but it still happened!
She'd been asleep, so she hadn't willingly done it, but should he tell her and apologize?

No, definitely not!
She would freak out, think he was acting too forward when he wasn't, and probably stop wanting to be his friend. He didn't want that. He feared she would bottle up again if that happened…
And he couldn't bear to see that happen. She was making such good progress.
So that meant to just keep quiet about it. He could do that. Definitely. All of a sudden, his phone stared ringing. Recognizing the ringtone, he knew it was Undyne.
"H-HELLO UNDYNE!" he answered.
"Took ya long enough to answer bonehead! Hey, how's Hazel? Heard she was coming home today!"
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 22
The week Hazel stayed at the hospital was, for lack of a better word, boring.
With the exception of her new friends visiting her, she really had nothing to do aside from sleeping between tests. Additionally, she was adjusting to her blindness pretty well. The doctor even said she should start getting her vision back little by little next week. She'd need to see an eye doctor for a stronger pair of glasses, but other than the scars she'd have, she would be as good as she was before.
Her grandmother had to, unfortunately, return to Georgia after a few days, but Hazel understood her nana needed to be there for her Grandpa. Grandpa always got into trouble whenever she wasn't around...
However, it was Sunday, and she was finally heading back to her dorm!
The media ceased harassing her friends once Dean Harper discovered the security tape of the water fountain in the courtyard. Apparently, a lot of kids liked to "decorate" the eagle as a prank, so she had one set up. She seemed to have forgo
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 21
When Hazel felt her grandmother sit on the hospital bed, she knew her nana had a ton of questions brewing in her head.
"So..." her grandma started. "Tell me all about this Papyrus you seem to be quite fond of."
"Nana…we are just friends."
"You sure? He seems awfully fond of you. Stayed overnight from what I hear... "
Hazel felt her face heat up. She tried to hide it from her grandmother.
"Too late to hide it now, schatz! I saw that blush."
"I…I really like him, Nana…but I don't want to chase him away by wanting a boyfriend-type relationship with him…"
"...Tell me everything that's happened between you and him since you two met. It must have been recently you met him because you didn't mention him the last time you called me, which was two weeks ago. Speaking of which, you need to call me more often Fräulein."
"I know… And I will. But I'm serious. I don't think he feels the same about me. He probably only sees me as a friend..."
"Perhaps, perhap
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 20
When they finally pulled into the parking lot of the hospital Hazel was staying in, Frisk and Sans groaned to see that the news reporters outside from last night had only increased in numbers. A squad of police officers were standing outside as well, mainly to control the reporters and camera men.
"This is going to be a nightmare…" Sans said. "Unless…"
Frisk looked at him from the driver's seat with a mischievous grin.
"Shortcut?" she asked.
Giving the monster ambassador a look of pride, he smirked as he replied.
Grabbing her hand, he teleported them from the parking lot, into a janitor's closet on the hospital's first floor. Using his magic again, Sans unlocked the door.
He still had Frisk's hand in his. Her hair was a mess from the wind blowing it in the car. Anyone who saw them would assume that they had been in the closet for more than 'innocent' reasons. So he peeked to see if anyone was outside. A single male nurse walked by, but disappeared around
:iconsprings-and-things:Springs-and-things 1 0
My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 19
Seated in a chair in the same lobby as before, Papyrus had his elbows propped on his knees, and his chin resting on his hands.
He hadn't slept at all. Monsters didn't require as much sleep as humans did, but the two hours they did sleep was important. Some required more, but unless you were Sans and slept almost all day, four hours was usually all they needed.
Needless to say, he was exhausted. But he was worried more.
Sans and Frisk had gone back to the dorm when Papyrus had finally returned from his long walk. Sans asked him to come too, telling him he needed to rest and that Hazel would be alright until they came back in the morning, but Papyrus refused.
Sans didn't push him.
"Mister Papyrus?" said a voice from his left.
"YES?" he turned and saw a dark-skinned nurse with thick black hair in braids standing before him in butterfly scrubs.
"Hi. I'm Nurse Jenny. I'm Hazel's designated nurse this morning. She's awake and asking about you." Nurse Jenny had a way of talking that made it s
:iconsprings-and-things:Springs-and-things 2 0
My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 18
Sans was sitting in the seat that Papyrus had vacated next to Frisk. Papyrus had been on his walk for a long time. It was getting close to six.
Sans really hoped he hadn't run into the news reporters while walking. After all, whatever fool had called them had given a physical description of his little brother. Papyrus knew how to handle himself mostly, but in his current state he wouldn't be able to handle all the accusations thrown his way.
He nearly jumped when he felt a brush against his shoulder, only to realize Frisk had fallen asleep and her head had landed on him.
"Nightmares keeping you up at night again kiddo? Heh... Same here..."
As he expected, he was greeted only by her gentle snores. Running his large, boney hand through her hair, he contemplated all that has happened as of late.
His brother had made friends with a social recluse of a girl, she turns out to have severe anxiety in public, but starts to like Papyrus. Which was only natural. Papyrus had a gift with getting pe
:iconsprings-and-things:Springs-and-things 1 0
My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 17
He hated this...
Papyrus wasn't normally an impatient monster, but sitting in the emergency room waiting area while, well, waiting for news on Hazel was driving him stir crazy...
His legs were rhythmically tapping the floor in a rapid motion, his fingers clutched the arms of his chair...
Where was Sans and Frisk?!
Standing up, he started pacing back and forth, not registering the stares he was getting.
The second he had arrived at the hospital, a group of nurses had been waiting outside with a stretcher. They whisked Hazel away the minute he had laid her down on the stretcher. The last he saw of her was as the doors slid shut...
She looked so pale and fragile against the white sheets... Her breathing had been shallow, her skin cold...
Just thinking about her like that made his chest clench...
Looking up from the floor, he noticed Frisk had arrived, as well as Sans and Mrs. Harper. Strangely, Undyne and Alphys were there too...
Frisk approached him as Mrs. Harper spoke to
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 16
Papyrus stood by the water fountain with a large eagle in the center, quietly babbling as the water gurgled from the spouts, just waiting for Hazel to return.
Pausing to study the statue, he smiled.
His and Hazel's friendship level seemed to keep rising higher and higher.
For the most part, she had stopped stuttering around him, she was willing to talk to him more openly... All signs that she was starting to trust him.
However, she still hadn't told him why she was so timid. But he wouldn't rush her. She would tell him eventually, and even if she didn't, he would still be there for her. That's what friends did. They were there for each other.
No. If he was being honest he liked her a bit more than that... Best friends maybe?
She wouldn't be his only best friend, he had Frisk, Undyne, Alphys... He had several people he saw as more than a friend. But Hazel... What was she? The kind of like he had for her kept growing. With every glance her way, every touch, every smile
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 15
When it hit 12:30, Hazel sat outside on the library steps, waiting for Papyrus.
The entire time she had been in the library she felt eyes on her. Even now, she felt like someone was watching her. Only time she felt free of the stares was when she had used the ladies room in the library. But the minute she was back in the library, she felt those eyes again...
She hadn't seen anyone there when she looked around, and she did so now.
She saw no one. Just buildings. Wait...
Was someone opening up a bakery in the old building next door?
Glancing around one more time, she stood up. Walking over to the sign in front of the bakery, she read it.
Muffet's Spider Bakery: Finest Spider Pastries Ever Tasted
Below were the hours and a small menu on today's specials.
"Spider pastries? Huh... Maybe Papyrus and the others would like some? After all, the spaghetti he gave me was so tasty..."
Checking the time, she still had ten minutes.
Grinning, she stepped inside.
"Why hello dearie! Step
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 14
When Sans and Frisk were finally ready, Papyrus handed them a bag lunch each. He then handed one to Hazel.
"Oh... Thank you Papyrus! I was just going to wait until we got back to eat, but this is very thoughtful of you."
"Hate to interrupt, but we'd best spa-ghetti out of here if we're going to get there on time. It's pasta 8:15." Sans said.
Grabbing Sans by the collar, Papyrus ran out the door, dragging his smaller older brother along.
Picking up their messenger bags, Frisk and Hazel followed behind.
"How does he have so much energy?" Hazel asked.
"I've known them both for ten years, and I still don't know..." Frisk replied.
Finding Papyrus' car already waiting for them outside, they both hopped in, buckling their seatbelts.
Papyrus was still scolding Sans by the time they made it on camp
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My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 13
Well, it was Friday morning of the first week. Tomorrow would be the weekend, meaning no classes, but plenty of homework.
Hazel was already ahead. She tended to do her homework as soon as possible, leaving plenty of time for reading or drawing. She was pretty smart, which was one of the few things she would admit was good about her. Honestly, she got into college after all. And she did it by earning it, not by being related to anyone rich. That kind of proved of her intelligence, no?
The past three days she had been doing her classes at the dorm on her laptop, and doing the work assignments right after getting them. After making a good bit of progress, she would take a small break to either clean around the dorm, or read, or just something to pass the time until she went back to do more.
On the weekend, she would be at the library, doing her job of organizing the books. It had small pay, but her other source of income helped out. While it technically wasn't a ' job', she would sell som
:iconsprings-and-things:Springs-and-things 1 0
My Knight in Boney Armor - Chapter 12
If skeletons had eyes, Sans' would have been rolling. So he settled on rolling the pinpricks of light that served as pupils in his otherwise empty eye sockets instead.
After getting plenty of stares at the meeting, the kids in his first class were doing the same, just as he walked in the door.
"Yo. How ya doing? Names Sans, and I am your new Quantum Physics professor. Thus, you have to call me Professor Sans on campus. Off campus, just call me Sans."
Might as well make the best of the situation. At least he had their attention.
Grinning mischievously, he reopened the classroom door.
"It appears I forgot something outside... I'll be right back..."
Stepping out, he used his magic and teleported to the back of the class.
"I'm back." He said.
He was pleased to see the students jump a mile out their skins.
Letting out a small chuckle, he walked back to the front of the class.
"Geez, you guys are a skele-ton of fun. Now, role call..."
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Commission: Kugaha by MiniiMing Commission: Kugaha :iconminiiming:MiniiMing 193 5 AT: Nekoushii by MiniiMing AT: Nekoushii :iconminiiming:MiniiMing 214 8 AT: Curly Umiko by MiniiMing AT: Curly Umiko :iconminiiming:MiniiMing 297 23 walkin' on the milkyway by c0mette walkin' on the milkyway :iconc0mette:c0mette 62 2 Cadence by c0mette Cadence :iconc0mette:c0mette 127 0 luna [myo] by c0mette luna [myo] :iconc0mette:c0mette 102 4 imagineon by deredrosid imagineon :iconderedrosid:deredrosid 230 61
(10,000 POINTS/$80 1ST PRIZE) Open Art Contest!
Finally doing it you guys :,3
Updated Sunday May 7th, 2017: Increased 1st place prize from 5000 :points:/$40 to 8000 :points:/$64! Have fun ^^
Updated Thursday May 11th, 2017: Increased 2nd place prize to 2000 :points:/$16.
Updated Saturday May 13th, 2017: Added a new drawable character! Check her out in the bios linked below!
Updated Thursday May 18th, 2017: Increased 1st place prize to 10000 :points:/$80! We did it!
Updated Sunday May 28th, 2017: Moved deadline to August 1st.

Welcome to my contest! I've accumulated a s*** ton of points lately, and I'm very excited about using them to hold this contest. 
So what exactly must you do to enter the contest? Well, all you have to do is draw!

These characters are the main characters in my original manga Soulflower. Soulflower takes place in a world where everybody's soul is represented by a flower, and particularly follows the story of a guitar boy name
:icontokyo-daze:Tokyo-DAZE 581 338
Realistic Ulquiorra Bleach by ZToriko Realistic Ulquiorra Bleach :iconztoriko:ZToriko 542 8 Random Outfit Exports by LollyDamPop Random Outfit Exports :iconlollydampop:LollyDamPop 32 0 Moana by Blunell Moana :iconblunell:Blunell 264 23 Red Envy by VorpalBeasta Red Envy :iconvorpalbeasta:VorpalBeasta 223 21 Manectric Storm by VorpalBeasta Manectric Storm :iconvorpalbeasta:VorpalBeasta 597 43 Garurumon by VorpalBeasta Garurumon :iconvorpalbeasta:VorpalBeasta 106 18 Incineroar by VorpalBeasta Incineroar :iconvorpalbeasta:VorpalBeasta 43 15
Need Help
The link above leads to a site where you can give a click daily to help provide food for sanctuary animals. It's completely free, yet it makes a difference! Every day you can make a new click to help out again. Feel free to share this link and thanks a lot for helping.
Please donate or share this link to help these roosters. They will be loved and safe for life.
Two abandoned kittens need to go to the veterinary, but the persons who saved them aren't able to pay anything for the kittens. Help them by commissioning
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Y'know, friends are awesome!

My friend :iconmikeydoes: is making my Undertale fanfiction "My Knight in Boney Armor", into a comic. I asked them to honestly, and they said they would love to! They just posted the first page, and it looks bloody AMAZING!!

My Knight in Boney Armor - Cover by mikeydoes This is the cover, which has a link to the first page. If you like my fanfiction, feel free to read it in picture form! And make sure to send love to this amazing artist for their hard work!
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